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About us

ICANIWILL started as a post-it on Gustaf Ollas bathroom mirror during his economics studies in Uppsala and, little did he know then how simple it would be to name his company a couple of years later.

The company and brand were founded in 2012 when Gustaf quit his full-time job to go all in as a personal trainer with some Swedish celebrities as customers. While competing in Athletic Fitness Gustaf found it strange that there were so few fitness apparel brands in the booming market in Europe and Sweden. The sourcing for cloth manufacturers began and took almost two years. Meanwhile, the company sold silicone bracelets and wrist-wraps with the ICANIWILL logo.

Working from the breakfast table at home went fine until his girlfriend found it less satisfying that the pasta was sharing space in the kitchen with dirty old cardboard boxes. In 2014, the companies moved to its first warehouse/office, conveniently located in the house next door. 35 sqm and no windows and no kitchen were the perfect start and at the same time, the real first delivery of tights arrived. The 100 pieces of (nowaday the) signature camo tights sold out in less than one day and this is where the spark set fire to the apparel story.

Gustaf mounting warehouse shelves in first ICIW warehouse / Solna, Stockholm / 2014

The actual first test pair of tights made by ICANIWILL - Full camo for women / 2014

One year into the first warehouse the company needed a bigger place and moved 10 kilometre north, to Sollentuna. The new warehouse was not just bigger but also offered the possibility to expand at that same location, which yet 12 months later came in handy.

During the last years, ICANIWILL has grown to become a well-known brand with customers all over the world. The hashtag #icaniwill has, at the current time, been used more than 1 million times.  

Our goal is to see you succeed and we want to be a part of your journey. We create limited edition fitness apparel with a focus on quality and design. We want our customers to wear our apparel with pride and use them over and over again on their journey.

We truly believe that the difference between dreams and reality consists of hard work combined with determination. We know that every individual can and will succeed if he or she wants it bad enough! 

Today we are four people working full time at the company, developing and refining the products and our service. We hope that you want to be part of our journey as much as we want to be a part of yours!

ICIW is sold in Australia & New Zealand through Ventures Downunder Pty Ltd.  Ventures Downunder Pty Ltd will appear as the merchant on your bank statement. 

All the best